About us

PeetiePie’s unique and locally hand crafted items make the perfect gift for newborns, birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion for the little ones.

PeetiePie was started as a hobby with one main goal in mind……… to donate goods to charity as much as possible to help those who need it most. A portion of the funds made from the sale of our products go back into the Company to continue our mission and goal while the majority of the profits are donated to local community charities.  We primarily focus on homeless shelters, food banks and children’s charities.  While we donate mostly in the state of GA, we do make donations to non-GA charities as well.  Be sure to check out our Charitable Work page to see where PeetiePie has donated to date since we opened for business in December 2011.


If you see something in our store that you like and wish to alter, or if you have a new idea, please let us know and we will be more than happy to see if we can assist you. At this time, we have the ability to accept cash or credit at our craft fair venues but only accept Paypal on Etsy.  In the near future we will provide the ability to place the order directly on our website in addition to Etsy.

Thanks for visiting PeetiePie today and be sure to come back to visit and see what’s new in our store!